Our Story

First Crossings

The story picks up in the late 90's when Katie and Billy were both students at Grissom High School in Huntsville, Alabama.  Unfortunately, however, nobody told Katie or Billy that they went to school together (it was a big school!), so they were forced to wait the better part of a decade for their romance to begin. Better late than never, but man… those 8 years would have been awesome together!

The Engagement Party

The romance begins in late winter, 2006, at the engagement party of close friends Matt and Melanie Backer. Some timid flirting and a few well-timed drinks later, the new flame found themselves dancing the night away at the HIGHLY respectable Bell Bottoms dance club.  Ok, maybe not even remotely respectable.  Still, Billy wowed her with his entire repertoire of dance moves, and even made up a few new ones on the fly, most of which, luckily, have not again seen day nor dancefloor.

Katie, thinking "anyone who can make this much of a dumb fool out of himself must be special," was interested.  At that time, not quite sure which kind of "special" she was dealing with, she gave him a chance to do some talking over late night/early morning burgers.  She was so taken that she picked up the check so that Billy could continue his Lent-long commitment to live off a pittance and appreciate Ramen again.  Clearly Billy knew what he was doing.

Bytes of Love

As their's is a modern love, the courting phase was facilitated by the conveniences of email, instant messaging and video chatting.  Their letter writing was fervent and resulted in an epic back and forth correspondence that would have made the postman dizzy (and tired! Nashville to Birmingham ain't no Sunday stroll).  Their romance escalated quickly.  Billy found himself joining the Davis family to a dusty Bonnaroo weekend and Katie asked him to go with her to Seattle for a vacation.  Billy continued to play it cool and responds to this invitation by saying "if we're still together."  Luckily for him, Katie took it as a challenge instead of immediate grounds for dismissal.

Through the months and years to come, the couple got to know the 188 miles down I-65 between Nashville & Birmingham well.  Their budding love found that three hours wasn't such a big deal.  Three years on, well, lets just say they're looking forward to living in the same town.

Building, Bears, Brats and a Whiskey on the Porch

While growing together, hobbies and common interests have been critical to keeping the couple close.  Some of the things they love doing together most are home improvement & building projects.  This began as a hobby of necessity as the two bought old houses independently, and then relied on each others help to make them homes.  After some practice, they can now wield a speed square and a volt meter with the best of 'em. 

The outdoors also has a special place in Katie & Billy's heart of hearts.  Some of their greatest memories are backpacking in the Smokies.  To them, there's nothing quite like getting away for a few days and breaking their backs carrying 40 pounds of gear, pumping their own water, swatting mosquitoes, and alternately sweating/freezing in mountain nights.  Pure bliss!  Oh, and Katie loooooves it when they run into a bear.

Cooking together is another part of life that they love sharing together.  In the evenings you'll likely catch the couple crisscrossing between the range and the grill whipping up some tasty Wisconsin brats or mouth watering southern fried chicken.  With respect to cooking, these kids didn't fall far from the tree.  Wait till you get a load of the desserts the family is making for the wedding!

All of these things are fun, but what is the couple's most favorite pastime?  A smooth southern digestif on the porch, of course!  Put on some good music, pour a dollop on the rocks and settle down into a beautiful spring night.  Life can't get any better.

Sealing the Deal, Pants Optional

If you haven't heard either the story of how Billy asked Katie's parents for their marriage blessing, or their engagement story, you're in for a treat. Unfortunately "Our Story" is getting a bit long winded.  The short version of the former is that Billy got carjacked by a naked man on his way to Huntsville to ask the Davis' for their daughter's hand in marriage.  Yes, really.  The Athens Police report and the Decatur Daily (Story 1, Story 2) tell the full story best.

The engagement story is a good bit more family friendly, and still a good read.  So if you want to read on, please do, and thanks for taking the time to learn about the lucky couple!